༄ Feminine Awakening – Ewa Issa Tifaret signature workshop

Women carry extraordinary yet undiscovered power and potential. Their womb is the essence of sacred life energy, which has the power to create new life. This work presents a healing ceremony, activation to transfer the knowledge and wisdom how birth ourselves into a better more fullfiling world. This process is a portal embodying the attributes of the Goddess. 

It is a temple of healing where women can find, re-discover, and liberate themselves from imposed restrictions in order to unlock their ability to create and manifest the Divine upon the Earth.

Your host is Ewa Issa Tifaret incarnated prisstes with her calling to listen to the sacred messages of Mother nature and the Universe, She lives in Bali surrounded by nature and art. Her  transmission is an initiation flowing directly from the source.

You can take part in 
2 modules online or live

Investment in yourself is: 
1 day 120 usd / 4 days 430 usd
Together with another woman (recommended) 
1 day 85 usd / 4 days 350 usd (per person)

You can apply for participation in one session only in which you can experience one selected process, test whether it is right for you: 65 usd  


How to prepare:  

༄ Depending on the day, you will receive detailed information and instructions.

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