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of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Certified Master of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Professional Training
Certified Hypnosis Facilitator
Hypnosis is the most powerful tool for transformation, which enables changes at the deepest levels, in the unconscious unknown level of mind, at the thresholds and depth of your being where life experiences are stored. There is the key to the potential to unlock a successful, happy and fulfilled life. Practicing deep inner access builds everyone up.
Hypnosis offers you an opportunity for self-discovery, insights into a resistance, limitations, blocking emotions for deep healing, reconsiliation and release but it also brings you inspirations, activates your imagination uncovering opportunitites stored in your desires. Therofore you can readjust those elements of personality that delay your fullfilment, and strengthen the assets to become a better, and best version of yourself.

This CERTIFIED HYPNOSIS FACILITATOR TRAINING course is a prerequisite for the Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Master. – professional training

You will explore the hypnosis and de-hypnosis as well as the professional and ethical aspects of their use as a method.
You will become familiar with the hypnosis application procedures.
You will learn how your mind works and how to improve compliance with the conscious and the subconscious.
You will understand the mechanics of how hypnotic induction works and the coexisting events associated with the hypnotic process.
You will learn to create a hypnotic relationship and ability put experience and let somebody enter into a trance state during a conversation.
You connect with the subconscious through ideomotor contact and you know how to act with them.
You will learn about hypnotic linguistics: words of power and appropriate language patterns have enabled you to efficiently inform the client’s subconscious.
You will learn how to construct effective hypnotic and post-hypnotic.
You will learn the technique of “symbolic transformation”, which is a quick and effective place for hypnotic change.
You will learn to conduct hypnosis change processes to create an artificial artificial trick.
You will learn the associations of hyposis and ericksonian therapy.
Poznań will be built for hypnosis and hypnotherapy practiced by trainers and hypnotherapists of the Polish Institute of Hypnosis.

Live trainings curently we offer in Bali Healing Island.

Next date is 16-22.12.2022 

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